Deploying a Flutter App to App Store and Google Play with Fastlane

5 min readDec 9, 2021

I have been using fastlane on a couple of react-native projects where it’s been a great tool which saved deployment time on both iOS and Android platforms. The configuration of fastlane for a Flutter app is quite simple and pretty the same as for the react-native. I have been following this doc on the flutter website:

After installing fastlane (gem install fastlnane / brew install fastlane) just make sure your Flutter project builds on both iOS and Android platforms and then initialize fastlane by typing the following command for each platform ([project directory]/ios and [project directory]/android):

fastlane init

Setting up Fastlane on iOS

#3 option

Enter your Apple Id credentials:

Apple Id credentials

I have selected n for metadata since I don’t need to manage it using fastlane.

Seems to be done with the auto fastlane setup, let’s run our first lane:

fastlane release

After building the app you might get the following issue:

error: exportArchive: No signing certificate “iOS Distribution” found

You need to create a provisioning profile for distribution, just check another article about this here: Creating Apple Certificates and Provisioning Profiles for Distribution.

Once you’re done with a certificate and provisioning profile for distribution, open the Fastfile configuration file in the ios/fastlane directory and update with the following configuration: